FluxnFlame Jewellery School

Once upon a time there was a little curly haired girl who liked climbing trees and hunting pixies and making stuff. In a strange kingdom, just east of London, she met a little hairy boy who liked wheels and fast things and making stuff and they liked each other so much they hooked up. One day they climbed aboard a shiny silver steed and rode to a land far far away where they were married amidst mountains and lakes and wilderness. Together, they realised, they could achieve wonderful things. Welcome to the overactive imaginations of Al & Jesa Dickson.........

Jesa Dickson


Jesa started making jewellery as a tot, dismantling her Mum's favourite jewellery and re-creating it into something she considered beautiful.
After her art foundation year at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art she went on to Winchester School of Art to study her BA Hons History of Art Degree. Only then did Jesa discover the magic of metalsmithing and precious jewellery…totally hooked, she studied precious jewellery at Portsmouth University and then at London Guildhall University….then she met Al.

Al Dickson



Al has a wealth of experience working with all types of metal from steel and aluminium to silver and gold. His roots lie in the motor trade where he originally fell in love with the beauty of moving and forming metals. Transferring those skills to precious metals was an easy switch for Al and he's never looked back!! Flux 'n' Flame was born in 2003 in a small garage in the New Forest.
In 2007 we found a beautiful farm barn in the middle of the sunny Dorset countryside and Al set about turning it into our lovely purpose built jewellery workshop. Flux 'n' Flame is now a thriving centre for all things jewellery and an inspirational space to learn. When we are not teaching at Flux 'n' Flame we work as professional jewellery designers for our other business 'A Wolf and I' creating magical, enchanting jewellery collections which we sell throughout the UK and all over the world.
We love to work to commission, creating individual pieces designed specifically for our customers. We create wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, anniversary gifts, birthday presents and just I love you gifts....all sorts of everything! Our specialty is creating one off magic filled lockets full of wild creatures, gems and personal meaning.
Life is never dull! - just 'howl' if you'd like to know more : howl@awolfandi.comFlux 'n' Flame Jewellery School and 'A Wolf and I' are a true collaboration between two best friends who are passionate about their craft.

Heidi Dawson



In 2011 we were joined by the wonderfully talented Heidi who shares our passion for jewellery and teaching.
Heidi also studied for her art foundation diploma at Bournemouth & Poole and specialised in 3D design. She then went on to achieve her B.Ed Hons degree in Design & Technology. She has been making jewellery since 2009 and is just generally just a bit brilliant and we are so lucky to have her as part of the F'n'F family!
We all get a huge kick from teaching others how to work with precious metals and we are so proud to pass on our passion to others.


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Oh and of course Ramsay & Millie 
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